The Linking Communities Project (TLC) is a groundbreaking organizing initiative that brings together national and local stakeholders concerned about emerging barriers to local refugee resettlement and the way they may impair the US’ ability to grow and maintain its longstanding resettlement system.

In past months, terrorism, the Syrian refugee crisis and xenophobia have stoked opposition to welcoming refugees and placed our nation’s long and historic tradition of welcoming refugees at risk. There has been increased backlash against refugees around the country, and multiple attempts in Congress to pause or halt the resettlement of refugees into the US. In 2016, federal and state opposition to Syrian resettlement and resettlement more broadly is already on the rise and could set problematic precedents.

TLC has immeasurably strengthened the way national and local resettlement advocates work together in the five states where it is active (MN, NC, TX, OH, PA) and has set the foundation for building significant local and national capacity to support refugee resettlement going forward.

    Our Practices

  • Creating and
    Strengthening Connections

  • Training, Networking,
    and Planning

  • Raising Awareness
    in Communities

  • Educating

  • Creating
    Resources for Media

  • Lifting up
    Refugee Voices

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Our Partners

  • HIAS
  • CWS
  • IRC
  • Refugees
  • LIRS
  • World Relief
  • Welcoming America
  • CAL
  • Episcopal Migration Ministries
  • J.M Kaplan Fund